Who are we

Abbex Limited imports and exports livestock and meat. The company was established in 2017 and has become one of the world’s prominent company for importer/exporters in cattle, goat and sheep. Abbex Limited Group operates all around the globe, with the Kenya and United Kingdom as its foundation.

After successful business in Europe, Abbex Limted is moving ahead towards Asian and African destinations. We at Abbex Limited always welcome good business partners.

Making use of a worldwide network of support bases allows us to be a global and independent partner for buying and selling livestock and meat. Our staff is our most important business capital; they possess the wide knowledge and expertise our clients need the most.
From animal selection in the country of origin to good aftersales and follow-up care, Abbex Limited offers a unique total solution. We can do so because of a broad service package and by closely working together with farmers, traders and other stakeholders.
With a close, international team of professional employees, we guarantee quality, service and commitment.
Besides trading in livestock Abbex Limited also trades in farm equipment’s such as Harvester, corps machinery, Tractors, Silage Machines, Milk machines. We started with trading in livestock but over time the company has grown into an all-round supplier.

Holstein Friesian

Livestock Farming is the gold of the lands of Kenya !

With his head high , he always faces the sun .

The fields of Livestock delight residents of Kenya and its guests with their stunning scenery .

But as soon as he turned his head to the ground, it was time to benefit mankind : to harvest , the most valuable – Livestock Farming .

Livestock Farming represents the highest value for humanity .

The whole process takes place in modern equipment . Advanced technologies help preserve the natural Environment.