Angus Cattle

Angus Cattle

Heifers  between 13 – 24 Months, Weight 450 – 800kg
Dairy Cows
Bulls  Each Weight 600 – 800kg
Pregnant Cattle
Calve  Between 3 – 4 Months, 110 – 250k

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Advance-deposit payment TT (Bank Transfer).



milking cows Angus cattle

Milking Cows Angus cattle is typically light brown in colour, though this can range from being almost grey to dull black, which is known as Mulberry. They can also have white patches which may cover much of the animal. A true Jersey will however always have a black nose bordered by an almost white muzzle.

  • The Angus hard black feet are much less prone to lameness.
  • The Angus is relatively small in size – about 400 to 550 kgs in weight and have a fine but strong frame.


  • Angus produces a pound of milk components at a lower cost compared to the other major breeds.
  • She has little or no calving problems, greater fertility, a shorter calving interval, and earlier maturity.
  • Angus stay in the herd longer than any other dairy breed.
  • Angus milk has greater nutritional value, plus the highest yield and greater efficiency when processed into cheese and other value-added products.
  • Angus milk commands a premium price in many markets.
  • Angus perform well under a wide range of systems and are well-known for their high feed conversion efficiency.
  • Angus milk is in many ways unique. As a product it contains:- 18% more protein, 20% more calcium, 25% more butterfat than “average” milk.
  • Angus are well-known to be less susceptible to lameness because of their black hoof colour which makes their hooves very hard. Because Jerseys are a lighter breed this may also give them less problems with lameness.
  • Good Temperament is important in a dairy cow. In today’s modern parlours rapid throughput is of top priority. An animal misbehaving by continually kicking, off the units will cause unwanted delays and even damage to the expensive equipment. Jerseys are thought to have the one of the best temperaments among, the dairy breeds, although a lot of this depends on the handling the animals receive.


Scientific studies also show the Angus Milking cows produces milk more efficiently than other breeds. This can be especially important in countries where feed may be restricted. As well as making the Angus Milking Cows a profitable option in agriculturally developed countries.

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28 Metric Ton/A Truck Load