Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle

Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle Price
Weight: 400kg to 850kg
Age: 18 to 30 months
Sex: Female/ Male
Milking Capacity
30 and more litres per day

Mode Of Payment Terms
Advance payment deposit TT (Bank Transfer)




The CHEAP HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN COWS breed comes in both black/white and red/white form. It is a distinct dairy breed with a high milk yield and almost no muscle. The origin of this cattle is located in Netherlands.

The Holstein-Friesian cow produces well in any climate. The cattle is characterized by good durability, high productivity and high fat and protein levels in milk, making it a cost-effective and highly profitable livestock on farms around the world.

The Dutch CHEAP HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN COWS cow is the product of a high quality breeding program. The breeding goal is: healthy cows with a high productivity and excellent quality of dairy.

We can offer you open heifers, heifers, fresh cows, cows or breeding bulls.


Performance: lactation, based on 305 days with a fat content of 4,9% and 4,2% protein:

  • 1st lactation – no less than 8.500 kg of milk.
  • 2nd lactation – no less than 9.500 kg of milk.
  • 3rd or subsequent lactation – no less than 10.000 kg of milk.
Age: 18-30 months on the day of delivery.
Weight: 400-550 kg depending on the age and stage of pregnancy at the time of dispatch.
Pregnancy: 3-7 months before the date, confirmed by results of the inspection veterinarian.
Stud Book: All animals are registered in the official stud book, accompanied by a certificate of pedigree, which shows the last 3 generations.

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28 Metric Ton/A Truck Load